Tuscany, Italy

Castello di Segalari in Tuscany, Italy

The grounds

The beauty of the interiors at Castello di Segalari is matched by the stunning estate grounds overlooking the Tuscan countryside.

Along the western edge of the estate, guests can savor the sweeping views over the hills to the sea. Dine al fresco under the stars each evening, or arrange an unforgettable private event.

Stroll along the terraces to the castle's private Medieval chapel and infinity pool. The spacious poolside gazebo is perfect for relaxing over a light lunch or with a good book on the long summer afternoons. For more active guests, the tennis court, sports field, and yoga area beckon.

The interiors

Cross the threshold dominated by the Della Gherardesca family crest, admire the rose window by Luca della Robbia, and feel as if you have stepped into a fairytale.

The magical atmosphere of Medieval architecture and exposed stone walls in the restored Sala Longobarda, the castle's main hall, frames a stunning view over Tuscany's Maremma countryside, the Mediterranean in the distance, and Elba Island on the horizon.

Relax in the elegant salon, the library with its prestigious collection of art volumes, and the adjoining study with internet access.

There are two dining rooms: the main dining room seats guests for lunch and dinner around a large round table, and the second is used each morning at breakfast. There is also a play room on the ground floor, a billiard room, the kitchen, and the staff quarters.

Distances from Castello di Segalari
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